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      About Estela

      In the dynamic space of PR and Communications, Estela stands tall with 20 years of pioneering experience. Her journey is decorated with high-impact campaigns for Fortune 500 giants, from Microsoft Xbox to Procter & Gamble, weaving narratives that capture hearts and minds across B2B, multicultural markets, lifestyle, sports, and entertainment. Estela’s strategic genius has illuminated brands at Times Square pop-ups, the Olympics, Super Bowls, and beyond. With a history of elevating companies like BetterUp and Headspace, Estela’s prowess is your gateway to unparalleled brand visibility and acclaim.


      Our Expertise

      At The PR Shop, we offer an arsenal of services designed to catapult your brand into the spotlight

      Strategic PR Planning

      Crafting the blueprint for your brand’s success story.

      Event Execution

      Creating unforgettable experiences that captivate and enchant.

      Social Media Mastery

      Engaging your audience with compelling content that buzzes.

      Media Relations

      Building bridges between your brand and the world’s most influential platforms.

      Brand Messaging & Positioning

      Sharpening your brand’s voice & ensuring your messaging cuts through the noise to reach its intended audience.

      Digital PR Strategies

      Leveraging the power of the internet to enhance your brand’s online presence and visibility.

      Signature Achievements

      Dive into the heart of our impact with Estela’s most notable campaigns. Through strategic innovation and unmatched expertise, these highlights showcase the power of effective PR and communications.

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